Data Unions

Data Unions

Big tech has mined and sold our data for over a decade. Many of us have given up on protecting our privacy. But there’s a new kid on the block. With Data Unions, everyone can sell their data on their own terms. Business owners can simply turn their apps into Data Unions by implementing Streamr’s brand new technology. This in turn helps us — the internet users — split data revenues for the first time ever with tech companies.

What is a Data Union?


Do what you always do. Produce data. Drive to work, go online, order food, count your steps, watch a show.


But from now on, get paid for your data. After all, it is your data and you should be able to profit from it.


Data Unions make the process of selling personal data transparent. And you get to decide what to sell.

Should we sell our data?

How does a Data Union work? Watch the full panel here.

Join the Data Economy with Data Unions

Data Unions can level the playing field of today’s data economy. Data Unions aren’t a digital tax. You receive real money from real buyers. By joining a Data Union, you get a digital wallet to receive Streamr DATAcoin, a cryptocurrency. No bank account is needed and payments are instantaneous.

On its own, our data does not hold much value, but when combined in a Data Union, it aggregates into an attractive product for buyers to gain insights. This form of crowdsourcing — or as we’ve termed it, crowdselling — has the potential to generate unique data sets, opening up the doors for innovation.

Data Unions don’t store your data. They just enable crowdsourcing. Your data is encrypted, making sure that only those who have your permission can access it. Data Unions let you choose which data points you feel comfortable sharing, and what you want to keep private.

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